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Yamaha GB1K SG2 Silent Baby Grand Piano, Polished Ebony - Free Delivery - PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE


  • GB1K is an Excellent Choice for Smaller Rooms and Budgets
  • Piano that Produces a Broad Dynamic Range with Superb Sound
  • Crafted with Uncommon Care and Integrity
  • Complimentary First Tuning
  • 5 Year Guarantee

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Yamaha's groundbreaking SG2 Silent Technology adds another dimension to its popular GB1K baby grand piano. Every bit an acoustic instrument with hammers, strings and soundboard, the GB1K SG2 also lets you play 'silently' using headphones - and choose from a variety of sounds including the world-famous CFIIIS Concert Grand.


Unique Yamaha technology retains the all-important touch of the grand piano

Yamaha Silent Piano features a range of unique technologies that allow them to offer a touch that is astonishingly close to that of an acoustic grand piano even when in 'Silent' mode.

Key sensors

Under each of the 88 keys is a Yamaha-unique continuous-detection grey-scale shutter key sensor. These sensors detect the movement of the keys continually, allowing natural musical expression even when the piano is in 'Silent' mode. Since they do not come into contact with the keys, these sensors do not affect the feel of the keyboard in any way.

Quick escape system

Silent Piano features a quick escape system that allows the sound muting mechanism to be fitted to a grand piano without sacrificing any of the playability or musical expression demanded of such instruments in an acoustic performance. This system allows optimal separation to be obtained between the hammers and strings by adjusting the distance between the hammers and strings, ensuring that the feel of the keyboard stays in the best possible condition whether playing acoustically or with the sound muted.

CFIIIS Sampling

With stereo samplings from the world-renowned CFIIIS concert grand. Yamaha’s SG Type delivers rich resonance and an element of luxury.

Maximum simultaneous polyphony of 64 notes

Polyphony is a vital feature as it defines and supports the quality of the sounds that you are using. The maximum simultaneous polyphony on the SG2 type is 64 notes.

30MB Wave memory

Wave memory size is key, as it defines the storage level for the sampled sound data. 30MB wave memory allows Yamaha to include longer samples, many velocity layers, key sampling for each individual key and sustain sampling.

10 tonal colors

10 voices, including harpsichord, pipe organ and strings, provide a wide range of musical expression.

Built-in recording and playback functions

Silent Piano SG2 type can record one song in the internal memory. Additionally, connecting commercially available USB memory to the unit allows you save recording data, and playback songs.

Simple control unit

SG2 type simple control unit allows you use easily to control basic function of recording and Play back songs.
Fundamental connection terminals

Equipped with AUX and MIDI terminals:

  • AUX and MIDI terminals allow the sound to be output to a variety of external devices (e.g. stereo components, IC recorders, speakers with built-in amplifiers, stereo systems).
  • Connecting SG2 type pianos to external devices such as sound source modules and music players (CD players etc.) via AUX IN terminals allows players to listen to the sound from these external devices on the headphones while they play the piano.
  • Connecting MIDI devices such as synthesizers to SG2 type pianos via MIDI OUTPUT terminals allows players to transmit performance information to external devices for playback.
  • Connecting music sequencers to SG2 type pianos via MIDI IN terminals allows the players to receive and play back the performance information provided by the sequencers using the sound source of SG2 type pianos.



  • Width: 146cm
  • Height: 99cm
  • Depth: 151cm
  • Weight: 265kg
Control Interface
  • Keyboard Number of Keys: 88
  • Key surfaces: Acrylic resin (white keys), phenolic resin (black keys)
  • Hammer Type: GB1K Special
  • Pedal Type: Damper / Bass sustain / Shift
  • Frame Type: V-pro
  • Back Post Number: 3
  • Caster Type: Solid brass single casters
  • Lid Prop Safety Stop: No
Key Cover
  • Key Cover Lid/Fallboard Locks: No
  • Soft-Close Fallboard: Yes
  • Key Sensor: Noncontact continuous detection optical sensor
  • Hammer Sensor: -
  • Pedal Sensors: Damper pedal: continuous detection sensor Shift pedal: ON/OFF detection sensor
  • Mechanism: Hammer shank stopper operated by silencing lever
  • Action: Quick Escape mechanism
Digital Tone
  • Type: AWM Stereo Sampling
  • Sound Engine (Piano): CFIIIS Sampling
  • Piano Effects: Damper pedal resonance effect
Internal Tone
  • Polyphony (max): 64
  • Number of Voices: 10
  • Voice Selection (Playback): -
Wave Memory: 30MBFunctions
  • Reverb: Room / Hall 1 / Hall 2 / Stage
  • Pitch Control: -65 +65cent
  • Metronome: -
  • Preset Songs: 50 (50 greats for the Piano)
  • MIDI Recording/Playback: Yes
  • USB Audio Recorder:  -
  • Headphones: Stereo Jack x 2
  • MIDI IN/OUT: Yes
  • AUX IN/OUT: Mini Stereo Jack
  • Speaker Output: -
Power Supply   
  • Power Consumption: 8W (DC12V)
  • Auto Power Off: Yes
Accessories: AC adapter, Headphones, Headphones holder, Owner's manual

**Please note that not all piano finishes are kept in stock and some will need to be ordered.


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