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Yamaha DTX400K Electronic Drums - FREE DELIVERY

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  • Designed specifically for newer players
  • Equipped with 10 professional drum kits
  • 10 training programs
  • USB connectivity
  • An audio input and a headphones output

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The Yamaha DTX400K Electronic Drum Kit has been designed specifically for newer players whilst retaining the power and capabilities of the DTX series. It comes equipped with 10 professional drum kits made with world-famous sounds, including Yamaha's legendary acoustic series, and provides you with 169 high-quality drum, cymbal and percussion sounds. With 10 training programs, USB connectivity, an audio input and a headphones output, the Yamaha DTX400K starter pack includes a drum throne, headphones and a set of drumsticks - everything you need to get started straight away.


Versatile Starter Electronic Drum Kit

The Yamaha DTX400K Electronic Drum Kit provides unprecedented quality, flexibility and usability. Yamaha's acclaimed acoustic drum heritage and leading music technology expertise deliver professional performance at a totally new price point. With its onboard training functions and high levels of connectivity, the DTX400K is designed to expand the drumming experience for a whole new generation of aspiring drummers.

Fast Track Your Drum Skills

With a completely new module, rack, pads and pedal design, the small and compact DTX400K has been designed with newer players in mind. Especially good as a learning tool for new or developing drummers, the DTX400K has a host of onboard training functions and user-friendly features. The training functions on the DTX400K help propel you on your way to drumming proficiency.

Practice Functions

These fun, engaging and effective warm-ups and games include "Groove Check", helping perfect your timing with on-screen markers of early or late beats, "Rhythm Gate", where the drum kit silences out any off time beats alerting you instantly to any mistakes, "Groove Tracker", which helps beginners pick up the beat and "Fast Blast", a new challenge to test the chops of even advanced players! There's also a spoken grading system to encourage you along your drumming path, all of which are easily operated using simple back-lit function buttons.

True Yamaha Playability and Feel

With more than 45 years in the drum business Yamaha are no strangers to the importance of playability. Using their knowledge and experience Yamaha have designed the DTX400K to meet the real needs of drummers and provide a natural response with solid durability and authentic stick rebound. The rubber surface prevents stick slippage making it easy to practice single, double and triple strokes.

Upgraded Design

With a completely new module, durable steel rack, 7.5" drum pads and pedal design the small and compact DTX400K has been designed from scratch for the entry level market. The DTX400K's overall size and the design of the 3 zone snare and toms provide a comfortable drumming experience for newer players. The new KU100 kick unit provides silent operation for the bass drum without sacrificing dynamic expression and matches the included hi-hat pedal. Add to this the large 10" cymbals plus hi-hat and you have a drum kit that feels great, is fun to play and is a valuable practice tool. The dimensions of the DTX400K and the real bass drum pedal action are also designed so that the skills learned can be easily transferred onto an acoustic drum kit. But of course, the beauty of a digital drum kit for a beginner is that you can practice in silence until you're ready to show off your skills!

Create Your Own Drum Kits

Boasting some of the highest quality sounds in its class, the DTX400K's built-in sound module houses stereo recordings of real drums, cymbals and percussion that respond dynamically to your touch for true musical expression. Highlights include classic milestone sounds from the history of drumming including legendary drum tones from some of Yamaha's most acclaimed acoustic drum kits.

Wide Choice of Sounds

The DTX400K comes with ten professional quality drum kits that are ready to play straight away. For those seeking extra creativity, draw from the selection of 169 sounds to create custom kits to match your own style. The DTX400K gives you the freedom to experiment with everything from heavy double bass kits to explosive dance kits and save your favourite ten in the memory slots for instant recall later.

Connect, Upgrade and Expand Your Kit

The USB connection allows you to control VSTi drum libraries and enjoy recording into DAW software such as Cubase. Yamaha's Music Software Downloader also allows you to import new songs with apps, designed to work alongside the DTX400K, so just as your skills are growing and you're ready to progress further new interactive learning experiences will be available. There is also the option to add an additional crash cymbal pad when you're ready for more of a challenge!

Ideal Beginner and Practice Kit

A true breakthrough with Yamaha quality at this price point, the DTX400K system is sure to become a favourite amongst beginners, drum tutors and schools. With many professional features, the DTX400K is also compelling as a practice kit for more advanced drummers or for musicians recording in home studios.


  • Snare: 7.5 inch pad
  • Tom: 7.5 inch pad
  • Floor Tom: 7.5 inch pad
  • Bass Drum: KU100 silent kick unit
  • Hi-Hat: 10 inch pad
  • Hi-Hat Controlling Unit: Opened/Closed/Foot splash available (works as second bass drum)
  • Crash Cymbal: 10 inch pad
  • Ride Cymbal: 10 inch pad


  • Click Tempo: 30 to 300 BPM (Tap Tempo and Voice Guidance functions)
  • Click Beat: 1/4 to 9/4
  • Power Supply: PA-130 or equivalent
  • Power Consumption: 5W

Trigger Module Dimensions:

  • Width: 240 mm
  • Height: 188 mm
  • Depth: 68 mm
  • Weight: 0.5 kg

Tone Generator Voices:

  • Total: 169
  • Snares: 23
  • Kicks: 21
  • Toms: 36
  • Cymbals: 31
  • Hi-Hats: 16
  • Percussion: 42
  • Drum Kits: 10 (all of which may be edited and overwritten)


  • TOM1
  • TOM2
  • TOM3
  • RIDE
  • HI-HAT
  • KICK
  • PAD (mini stereo audio)
  • AUX IN (mini stereo audio)

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