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Koda Violin Bow: Half Mounted Nickel QH120-VN

Koda French Style Violin Bow

Fine Koda Violin Bow, Brazil wood round stick, Accurate Winding, Ebony Frog with Abalone eye, Mother of pearl slide, antiquated Nickel Finish. selected quality horse-hair.
This is the kind of bow in use today by 95% of violinists. It is used for all styles of music, Irish Traditional, Classical, Jazz and Rock.

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High Grade Violin Features:

  • Koda French style: 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8 Size Violin Bow.
  • Ebony Frog
  • Half Mounted
  • Nickel Finish

The Frog is what is used to adjust the tension in the hairs of the bows. The Mounting is what coves the join where the hairs join the frog. All Bows sold here at the Piano Centre are for a minimum playing standard. There are cheaper bow's on the market but they will not be of a standard suitable for your learner to progress.

Choosing the Correct size Violin Bow

The Violin Bow should Match your violin size

Violin Size measurement is based on the learners arm length. Place the violin under the learners chin. The Learner needs to be able to reach the scroll at the end of the violin. Come to our shop or ask your violin teacher for assistance.

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