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Stringed Instrument Stands

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  1. Hercules DS571BB Violin / Viola Stand - FREE DELIVERY

    Hercules Violin / Viola Stand

    The HERCULES Violin/Viola Stand DS571BB features the Auto Grip System (AGS) yoke that protects the instrument and is compact enough to transport easily.

  2. Hercules DS580B Auto Grab Cello Stand - FREE DELIVERY

    Cello Stand

    The HERCULES Cello Stand DS580B features the Auto Grip System (AGS) yoke that safely holds the peg box and is equipped with Specially Formulated Foam (SFF) rubber covered legs to protect the instrument at all contact points.

  3. Hercules DS590B Double Bass stand - FREE DELIVERY

    Double Bass Stand

    The HERCULES Double Bass Stand DS590B features sturdy steel construction and two locking pins that hold the instrument safely.

  4. Hercules DSP57SB Violin Hanger for Slat Wall - FREE DELIVERY

    Slatwall Hanger

    The HERCULES Violin/Viola Hanger DSP57SB utilizes the Auto Grip System (AGS) yoke and features a slat-wall base.

  5. Hercules DSP57WB Violin Hanger for Wall Mounting - FREE DELIVERY

    Wall Hanger With Wooden Base

    The HERCULES Violin/Viola Hanger DSP57WB utilizes the Auto Grip System (AGS) yoke and features a wood base that mounts to most walls.


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5 Item(s)

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