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Koda Violin - Viola Shoulder Rest SR-3

Koda Violin - Viola Shoulder Rest

Our Koda Violin Plastic Shoulder Rest comes in a 2 Sizes

  • Half Size (1/2) - Quater Size (1/4)

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Special Price €14.99

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Koda Violin Plastic Shoulder Rest

This dependable shoulder rest is built from premium materials with careful attention to detail. It is fully adjustable in height, angle, and width to provide a comfortable and secure fit. This lightweight shoulder rest also features durable, no-slip rubber feet that will never harm your instruments finish.

  • Adjust height of shoulder rest by threading feet in appropiate direction.
  • Adjust angle of shoulder rest by moving feet to right or left. (if feet are difficult to move, first loosen the bracket screw to relieve tension.)
  • Adjust length of shoulder rest by loosening the bracket screw and elongating the arm to your desired length. Tighten screw to keep desired length.
  • Fit shoulder rest to on to the violin by slipping feet over the side of the instrument. (You might have to readjust length to get the perfect fit)


Shoulder rests are used to help violinists hold up their violin. We have approximately 8 varieties of shoulder rests available in various sizes

Ideally, you should take your violin with you to a our shop and test several products. You also may want to ask your violin teacher or violinist friends for their recommendations. Some violin players use no shoulder rests, others prefer a particular brand, and some teachers recommend the use of round, cosmetic sponges, To minimize neck abrasions, some violinists also find it helpful to either place a scarf or cloth over their chin rest, or to use a chin rest cover.

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