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Drum Kit Sets

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  1. Superlux DRKA5C2 7 Piece Drum Microphone Set - FREE Delivery


    DRKA5C2 set is designed for live stage and practice room.

    Including 1 PRA-218A for kick, 4 PRA-228A for tom-tom and snare, and 2 PRA-268A condenser for overhead.

    Regular Price: €223.52

    Special Price €189.99

  2. Superlux DRKB5C2MKII Drum Microphones for Recording Studio - FREE Delivery


    DRKB5C2MKII includes 7 mics to match different instruments.

    DRKB5C2MKII microphone set is an ideal for stage performance and professional recording studio.

    Regular Price: €447.05

    Special Price €379.99

  3. Superlux DRKF5H3 Super 8 Mic Set - FREE Delivery


    DRKF5H3 is well suited for a variety of instruments and are ideal for stage and studio applications.

    Each microphone has been designed specifically for its intended application with special attention paid to the polar pattern, frequency response and sound pressure level.

    Regular Price: €341.17

    Special Price €289.99

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3 Item(s)

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