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Headway EDB-1 Acoustic Instrument Preamp - FREE Delivery


  • Pro-audio quality acoustic instrument sound shaping.
  • Mono/Stereo jacks inputs
  • 3-way Range control selects
  • 5-band interactive EQ
  • Battery or external DC Plug-in power supply

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Headway EDB-1 Acoustic Instrument Preamp

The Headway EDB-1 preamp's inputs provide plenty of options for any amplification you use. Whether using a 1/4" jack, balanced stereo 1/4" jack, or XLR jack for a microphone, the EDB-1 has got you covered. Headway EDB-1 inputs include mono jack, stereo jack and XLR, through 2 channels. The inputs enable you to blend in an extra pickup, or microphone. You can plug into them with 1 or 2 standard mono jack leads, a jack lead plus an XLR, or a stereo jack lead. An unbalanced 1/4" jack would be related to the Channel 1 input. A balanced 1/4" jack relates to the stereo input (using channels 1 and 2), for an instrument using an internal mic and pickup, being blended internally. Channel 2 mic is an XLR input allowing you to use a microphone onstage, if your instrument does not have a pickup. 

Each channel's input impedance switches allow you to optimize the voicing for any of the major pickup types, while a huge amount of extra levels can be applied via the gain controls and master volume. 

Phantom power is also available to jack in and XLR inputs, making the unit friendly for use with quality condenser mics and Instruments wired with no battery inside instrument, but with active pickups needing powering. 

The outputs use a balanced XLR out and a line out jack. If an earth loop is heard causing hum, you may kill it by pressing the earth lift switch. The two outputs also allow you to split the signal, such as between an acoustic combo amp for stage monitoring and an out front mixing desk. 

The Headway EDB-1 preamp can be mounted on its rubber feet, carried with you on a belt clip. 

Powering is via two 9v PP3 ( 6F22 ) batteries, or via plug-in DC Power supply.


  • Pro-audio quality
  • Mono/Stereo jacks inputs
  • XLR input
  • Input impedance switchable to optimize various pickup types
  • 3-way Range control selects High Pass Filter/Low-cut settings for guitar, violin, or bass.
  • 2 channels
  • 5-band interactive EQ
  • Tunable Notch Filter with variable band width + In/Out
  • Phantom power to Inputs via switch
  • Balanced XLR Line Out (Mix of 2 channels ) + Earth Lift switch
  • Jack line out in mono mix of 2 channels.
  • Battery or external DC Plug-in power supply
  • Low battery indicator
  • Mount via rubber feet, Belt clip
  • Weight: 1-1/2 lb.

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