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  1. HD681 Series Professional Monitoring Headphones



    • Accurate and detailed sound greatly enhances your listening experience
    • High efficiency and wide dynamic range
    • Durable construction allows it to be twisted for use as a single ear headphone
    • Self-adjusting headband for great fit and maximum comfort
    • Single-sided, straight cable

    Regular Price: €36.99

    Special Price €30.99

  2. Superlux HD381 Series


    The HD381 series headphones offer 3 distinctive sound profiles, each with its own character.

    HD381 gives you the feeling of actually being on stage with the artists while the HD381F makes you feel as if you sitting on the front row and the HD381B puts you in the middle of the concert hall, enjoying a detailed, rich sound.

    Regular Price: €23.52

    Special Price €19.99

  3. Superlux HD386 Black


    Superlux HD-386 Dynamic Earphones with Carrying Case and Ear Adapters

    The HD386 delivers a natural and excellently balanced sound, presenting a crystal clarity and high resolution.

    Regular Price: €21.17

    Special Price €17.99

  4. Superlux HD562 Headphones


    Superlux HD562 White Professional Foldable Studio DJ VJ Headphones

    The superlux hd-562 headphones offer great sound quality in a solid design. These closed-back headphones have large neodymium drivers, extended frequency response, handle high sound pressure levels and provide excellent attenuation of background noise.

    Regular Price: €41.17

    Special Price €34.99

  5. Superlux HD572 Headphones


    The HD572B presents a professional monitoring feel.

    The HD572 series is a supra-aural closed-back headphone that comes in 2 versions to suit both professionals and music lovers.

    Regular Price: €22.35

    Special Price €18.99

  6. Superlux HD631 Headphones


    Exceptionally rich low-mid response gives a powerful rhythm presence

    The HD631 series is a high sound quality headphone developed specifically for professional DJs, designed to clearly emphasize the beat of the music as well as capturing its more subtle nuances.

    Regular Price: €82.35

    Special Price €69.99

  7. Superlux HD651 Headphones


    HD651 presents accurate and rich bass, and excellent vocal sound.

    These closed-back headphones combine excellent sound with an unbeatable price tag, making them the best practical choice for music lovers and artists

    Regular Price: €21.17

    Special Price €17.99

  8. Superlux HD662 Black


    HD662 gives you the feeling of actually being on stage with the artists

    The ergonomically designed vinyl ear pieces combined with light weight and self-adjusting headband of these headphones make them very comfortable.

    Regular Price: €44.70

    Special Price €37.99

  9. Superlux HD668 Black


    HD668B assures that a professional sound engineer can have full confidence when mixing down or during post production.

    The HD668B delivers a natural and excellently balanced sound, presenting the crystal clarity and high resolution demanded by professional users.

    Regular Price: €51.76

    Special Price €43.99

  10. Superlux HD669 Professional Studio Standard Monitoring Headphones



    • Patented durable structure
    • Comfortable, self-adjusting headband pads
    • Comfortable, long-lasting ear pads
    • Detachable, single side cable
    • Included cable clip to secure cable from pulling out by incident

    Regular Price: €56.99

    Special Price €47.99

  11. Superlux HD681EVO Black


    Professional DJ Recording Headphones

    The HD681 EVO easily meets the requirements of stage and studio professionals

    Regular Price: €58.82

    Special Price €49.99

  12. Superlux HD685 Black


    HD685 is a pleasant partner for enjoying your music on the move

    Reveals details and powerful bass for today's music

    Regular Price: €109.40

    Special Price €92.99

  13. Yamaha HPH-50 Headphones



    • Entry-level headphones
    • Compact design and professional-grade sound quality
    • Comfortable listening for extended periods
    • Stereo plug for easy, convenient connection
    • Available colours: Black and White

    Regular Price: €31.99

    Special Price €29.99

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